Chupacabra Tracks Near Weston, Vermont?

It is difficult to determine scale in some of the photos we have received here at Vermont Chupacabra News. The first photo below does not offer much to go by, other than a small tuft of rudbeckia stems in the upper portion of the picture, to the left of the tracks. Notice the same tracks in the second photo (on the left), compared with the tracks of one of our researchers, a six and a half foot tall man (on the right). We can not say for sure what made these tracks, but the spacing certainly indicates something much larger, or more agile than a large man.

Chupacabras have been reported to leap, hop, and jump fair distances and if these are indeed the tracks of a chupacabra, they would indicate that chupacabras have adapted quite nicely to Vermont’s snow.

These images were sent to us by another person near Weston, adding to the cluster of activity reports from that small village. Our contributor (who prefers to remain anonymous) also included an image of something that has not yet been ruled out as chupacabra scat.

Vermont Chupacabra News promises more investigation and analysis of the evidence but, for now, we can not definitively rule out possible chupacabra activity in the area surrounding Weston, VT.

Amateur Chupacabra Video from Weston, Vermont

This is the first video submitted to Vermont Chupacabra News, sent by an amateur videographer in Weston, Vermont. It has been carefully examined by our panel of experts, who have declared it to be utterly and completely inconclusive. More examination of this footage is needed, but in the meantime, we at Vermont Chupacabra News find absolutely no evidence that it is not of a chupacabra.

Chupacabras have been reported to be extremely agile, and some have been said to blend in well with their surroundings, which the subject of this video certainly does. We welcome your input.